Discover AlphaX and get answers to any of your questions during this half hour Demo of AlphaX. We will explore the platforms major features including, Connecting and Managing Data Sources, building Digital Twins creating Automated Alerts and Reports and more.


Meet AlphaX

AlphaX is Insanely Powerful and deceptively easy to Use. During this session expect to discover the following features and more:
  • Connect and organise all of your data sources and monitor your operations from anywhere, anytime.
  • How to set reports to autonomously send you, or your manager and peers on the platform they choose.
  • How to set powerful multi-conditional alerts based on thresholds or more advanced AI based features and send those alerts to anyone.
  • Create virtual sensors that mimic complex scenarios and calculated metrics and update in realtime.
  • Setup and manage interactive dashboards and share with anyone, or display on any device or embed into a website.


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